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acts about Your Sports Mouth Guard

Chances are if you have a child in an after-school contact sport, then you are already familiar with a sports mouth guard. Our team at Eclipse Dental is always looking for opportunities to remind both parents and children of practical ways they can protect their precious smiles.

Mouth guards are used to protect the entire mouth from damage. Our office can provide custom mouth guards that are unique to each individual smile. It simply involves taking an impression or mould of the teeth and sending the results to a lab to be completed. Contact our office if you are interested in a custom mouth guard for your child.

Below are a few of the reasons we highly recommend investing in a mouth guard for your active child and how they can benefit them:

1. Mouth guards protect your teeth. Contact sports increase a child's risk of an oral injury that lead to severe pain and further costs on treatment plans.

2. You can get a mouth guard for braces. Our team can help make a comfortable custom mouth guard for children who wear braces as well.

3. You only need a mouth guard for top teeth. Mouth guards do not need to be a bulky accessory that leaves you feeling uncomfortable. Ask us about a top teeth mouth guard today.

4. Clean your mouth guard. Mouth guards need to be cleaned after each use with cold water and a toothbrush. Spray with an Antibacterial refresher. Store your mouth guard in a well ventilated container to avoid bacteria.

5. Replace your mouth guard every 6 months. A well used mouth guard won't last forever.

SPRITZ ANTIBACTERIAL REFRESHER FOR MOUTH GUARDS FOR USE WITH SPORTS MOUTH GUARDS,ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCES, NIGHT GUARDS AND DENTURES IS AVAILABLE FROM OUR OFFICE. This helps kills germs and prevents microorganisms growing on your appliance. It tastes great and leaves a fresh feeling in the mouth plus fights bad odour.

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