Clear Correct Fact Sheet

is a kind of invisible braces that can treat various bite problems such as crowding, spacing, deep overbite, large overjet, misalignment of teeth and midlines.

ClearCorrect is better than normal braces because, it is clear, comfortable, removable, hygienic, and invisible. Not everyone is suitable for Invisible Braces. It is important to have a thorough orthodontic assessment to determine suitability. The steps of ClearCorrect Treatment:

Step 1: Case assessment which involves orthodontic examination, taking photos, X-rays and impressions. Acceptance of the treatment and singing a consent form and agreement. A consultation fee is payable on this visit.

Step 2: Treatment planning and presentation which involves simulating your teeth movement on a 3D model of your mouth and showing you a video simulating your teeth movement through-out the course of your treatment. A deposit is payable on this visit. A pay plan of the remaining balance will be made to make it easier for you to pay for your treatment.

Step 3: We receive your ClearCorrect aligners and we start your treatment by fitting the aligners to your teeth and we demonstrate fitting the aligners to you. We will need to attach tooth coloured engagers to your teeth. Your teeth may also need some minor adjustments.

Step 4: Ongoing pre-arranged visits at 4-6 weeks intervals to monitor your treatment and add or remove the engagers.

Step 5: After treatment completion you will be provided with a set of retainers which you will need to wear to prevent the relapse of the treatment.

ClearCorrect could be your easy way to straighten crooked teeth. ClearCorrect Aligners are comfortable, effective, easy, quick, simple uncomplicated, attractive and most importantly, affordable.

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